Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mi familia and amigos

Discard the improper-Spanish title...
I realize I just randomly started this blog and didn't tell you anything about myself. And I like to pretend that someone reads it, so here we go.

These are the people.
My sisters When we're all together we inevitably make one of us cry, but ah heck. I love 'em.

note: the baby is not my sister. Also, girls, I had to put the one of you after you went swimming so no one looks at this blog and thinks how pretty you are. I'm insecure, sorry about that.


Although they don't really look like this anymore...I just really like this picture.

I really love these girls

I really miss these boys

although Wes is still around but he's rather abandoned me but I don't feel too bad saying that because he won't read this. lame.

I adore this little man

and these munchkins

umm, yes. that about sums it up. I do love my parents but I can't find a picture of just them two. 30 years of marriage and we got nothing? c'mon.

oh, and shirts like this make me want to vomit

BLEH. Yuck. The end.


Chelsea Michelle said...

Oh I am so glad you blog. AND! I made your blog. Wahoo! Go team. Love your face and thanks for visiting. Post more dangit.

Rachel Marie said...

Shirts like that make me want to vomit, too. I am glad I'm not alone!