Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm a dummie.

I am so stinking sick of learning lessons. I keep making so many STUPID idiotic mistakes, specifically dealing with money, and for the first little bit I was content with saying "It's ok Kris, it's part of growing up, you'll never do this again." However, I failed to fully realize just how MANY things you can screw up on, that have rather horrible consequences. Case and point: I just checked my online bank account and it seems as though I have spent money on my debit card that I, in fact, did not have in my bank account. Instead it was sitting in a check in my purse that I haven't deposited for, uh, 3 weeks now. Thus, what was once a $1 itunes song is now a $40 fee. I am sick to my stomach. If someone else were responsible I believe I'd kill them, sadly, suicide is not an option (I'm sort of happy with other parts of my life).
Let's talk about other dumb things I've done. I procrastinated going to open Anatomy lab for a quiz on Tuesday, and...oh! whoops! Monday was a holiday and it was closed. This morning, I did not even stir until 10:15; work was at 8:00. I got booted in my own parking lot, because I thought it would be ok to park with my dad's car I was borrowing for one hour while I got ready for work. Not so. $50 later, once again I was chalking it all up to another "lesson." I caused my dad's company $400 bucks once because I authorized a purchase I was not authorized to authorize. They even had a voice recording of me, which they played to my father when he animately demanded that I had not done such a thing. Even I was flabbergasted when I heard my own voice say, "Yeah, $400? That's fine." One time I knocked on a boy's door and pied him in the face, cause I thought it would be funny. Strangely and obviously, it was not. I am up, right now, and it is 1:45 a.m. I have to get up at 7:00.

It used to be funny, now it's downright ridiculous. Perhaps I'll start thinking?