Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh hello.

I suck at blogging don't I? I've been avoiding it because
1. I do not have a camera. Who wants to look at a wordy post? (such as this one)
2. yeah, I never should have started listing reasons.

But in the last 2 or so weeks life has changed rather dramatically and so I will make you suffer through a post with nothing but words. terribly sorry.
My hermano is HOME! As in, in Utah, not California, no longer a missionary, now an awkward recovering missionary. I love it. Both the his presence at home part and the awkwardness part. I introduced him to my roommate (more on these "rommates" later) and as he shook her hand, he said "Hi, I'm Elder Wil---Matt. I'm Matt. How adorable. The reunion at the airport was joyous. That is the exact word I was looking for. Everyone was pumped up and excited as we stood and anxiously looked at the escalators with about 10+ missionary families, just as nerdy and Utah-county-ish as ourselves. When Matt finally arrived, my mom basically body checked several other hysterical mothers and caught him at the immediate end of the escalator. She bawled, Matt bawled, everyone was freaking out, and Camden was deathly scared and confused as to why we were all bawling and freaking out. (speaking of Camden, my brother Matt has now replaced Philippines Matt in his mind...Philippines Matt no longer exists. something that was inevitable but y'know I'm not crazy about). So yeah. He's home. I'll say hello to him from you.

Next, I moved out once again. Into a lovely (ghetto) apartment by Brick Oven in zoobieville. It's called "The Elms." Doesn't that name just make you want to live here? It's like I live in a treehouse or something, and I'm not being sarcastic, that's pretty sweet. Kind of sucks it actually isn't a treehouse...come to think of it... My roomies are awesome, really super funny girls, and I FINALLY made a picture wall, something I've wanted to do for so long! and, to repeat, I have no camera to show you how awesome it looks. sad day. But if I like you, you totally made it. You can always visit me to see it...
I also started school, once again, at our righteous little BYU. I really do like the classes here, although from birth I always swore that I wouldn't. Class is hard, but I'll stop whining because everyone's classes are hard, let's be honest.
One more thing I almost forgot. I cut my hair, people. I haven't looked this way since I was, approximately, 12. It's short and blonde.
OH and I haven't gotten a letter in FOUUUUR weeks. four. 4. But whose counting? psh. I don't even want one. It's only been A MONTH WITHOUT HEARING FROM HIM WHEN HE'S ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE EARTH. no biggie.



Corrigan Clan said...

nice. i love reading your blogs. you need to read janel, our cousins blog entry titled "church without mom". it'a a good one.