Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm a dummie.

I am so stinking sick of learning lessons. I keep making so many STUPID idiotic mistakes, specifically dealing with money, and for the first little bit I was content with saying "It's ok Kris, it's part of growing up, you'll never do this again." However, I failed to fully realize just how MANY things you can screw up on, that have rather horrible consequences. Case and point: I just checked my online bank account and it seems as though I have spent money on my debit card that I, in fact, did not have in my bank account. Instead it was sitting in a check in my purse that I haven't deposited for, uh, 3 weeks now. Thus, what was once a $1 itunes song is now a $40 fee. I am sick to my stomach. If someone else were responsible I believe I'd kill them, sadly, suicide is not an option (I'm sort of happy with other parts of my life).
Let's talk about other dumb things I've done. I procrastinated going to open Anatomy lab for a quiz on Tuesday, and...oh! whoops! Monday was a holiday and it was closed. This morning, I did not even stir until 10:15; work was at 8:00. I got booted in my own parking lot, because I thought it would be ok to park with my dad's car I was borrowing for one hour while I got ready for work. Not so. $50 later, once again I was chalking it all up to another "lesson." I caused my dad's company $400 bucks once because I authorized a purchase I was not authorized to authorize. They even had a voice recording of me, which they played to my father when he animately demanded that I had not done such a thing. Even I was flabbergasted when I heard my own voice say, "Yeah, $400? That's fine." One time I knocked on a boy's door and pied him in the face, cause I thought it would be funny. Strangely and obviously, it was not. I am up, right now, and it is 1:45 a.m. I have to get up at 7:00.

It used to be funny, now it's downright ridiculous. Perhaps I'll start thinking?


Corrigan Clan said...

Kris, you aren't a dummy. Remember how I got kicked out of school? Yeah, I'm not sure you can top that. It does suck when money is involved though, like salt to a wound. But, we all did it and we've all successfully forgotten about all the insignificant mess-ups that don't matter in a few weeks time. Just take a good breather. We love ya.

Suzy said...

Kristi! hey cuz how's it going? I'm glad we can be friends in the blogging world even if we never see each other in real life! Will you be in Provo for the summer? We should get together with Sydnee sometime I think she'll be there too.

Corrigan Clan said...

If you never blog, I will stop reading. That's a threat.