Monday, October 27, 2008

If you didn't like it, you're probably lying.

Midnight showing of HSM3 (as we true fans like to call it)= BEST. night of my. LIFE.

OK, let's stop for a minute. I know I don't seem like a Disney Channel Movie kind of girl. Or maybe I do. BUT this whole post is absolutely genuine. This was, perhaps; scratch that, definitely, the best night of my existence. We got there 2 hours early, and were literally jumping up and down for joy in line. (as Wes and Staish rolled there eyes at us--they came because they knew it meant so much to us, bless their souls). Mindy took it upon herself to politely body check other fans out of the way to score us prime seating, and in the first 10 seconds when Zac Efron's 15 foot face filled the screen, I screamed like a little fourteen year old girl (which is what the majority of the audience was). This movie is beyond cheesy. For example, celings open up to reveal stars at romantic moments, boy appear in trees out of nowhere in tuxs, cars come to life, rain falls on the two lovers when seconds before it was a nice sunny day, Gabriella refers to Troy lovingly as "Wildcat," and there is a legit carbon-copy Footloose scene. I guess Troy's inner turmoil just had to be released via song and dance in the abandoned school at midnight. And the junk yard scene? Don't even get me started. I apologize, I'm ruining it for you. But, if you will only have the faith necessary to fork out the measely $8 (trust me for what you're getting that's measley) you will never regret it. You will find a new obsession. You will laugh your face off. Mindy admits she cried more this night than when Thomas left. I repeat, you will laugh your face off. People, as the girl's in the row in front of us said, this movie is a gift! Let's not be ungrateful. Also, if nothing else persuades you to see this ridiculous G-rated cheese-fest, Zac Efron could be the best looking individual on the planet. It's sort of freaky how good looking actually. If you have eyes I'm sure you have already noticed that. So go see it! Then call me and you can come over and watch YouTube videos of Zac with Mindy, Kellie and I. No need to make an appointment, nightly at 8:00 P.M. loves.


Anna said...

I completely agree with you on the whole Zac Efron possibly being the best looking person on this here planet we call earth. I in fact have a key chain of him on my keys, and a sticker of him on my phone. As well as a nice big poster of him in my room. I am just that cool.

Corrigan Clan said...

beatiful kristi. i know you are aware that i share the same love for this movie as you. it is the best movie of the year. i may have two children and a husband of five years but i still know how amazingly beautiful zacky boy is. truly a gift he is.